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Packages and Prices  

Introductory Package is $320.00 and includes 1 NeuroElectrical, 1 NeuroPhysiology & 1 NeuroTransmitter Assessment plus 1 Internet Therapy Entrainment Session.

4 Week 9-Office Visit Package is $2,000.00.  This includes Nine- 60 minute office Consultations / Entrainment Therapies and 6 - Comprehensive Brain Assessments. (No Internet home entrainment sessions)

4 Week 5-Office Visit / 16 Session Package is $1,800.00. This includes Four -60 minute office Consultations / Entrainment Sessions and 1 weekly Phone Consultation (5-10 minute) plus 4 Comprehensive Brain Assessments. A total of 16 Internet Therapy Entrainment Sessions are included.(Recommended for less complicated issues)

6 Week Remote Entrainment / 30 Session Package is $3,000.00. This remote service includes 2 weekly Phone Consultations (one- 60 minute & one 5-10 minute) and 6- comprehensive brain Assessments to monitor your entrainment progress plus 30 Internet Therapy Entrainment Sessions.

Maintenance / 8 Session Package is $475.00 & includes 8 Internet Therapy Entrainment Sessions.

Home sessions are available at additional cost.
Procedures and Price Sheet
I am so excited that you are considering Behavioral Relationship Entrainment! I have seen good result with my clients who have used this over the past year. Using cloud-based sound packets, it is a way of sending signals to your brain which opens challenged neuropathways and increases the integration of your brain. These professionally designed sound packets include music, vibration, and frequencies which have been shown to provide improvement with insomnia, focus, stress, anxiety, depression and other brain based issues. Along with the “entrainment” done with sound, you will use training with brain exercises designed to reroute your brain neuropathways,

Currently, our only BrainTek certified clinician is Dr. Denice Colson, LPC, MAC, CPCS.

So, What to do next?
1. Make an appointment for an assessment. Assessments can be done in our office (preferred), in your home (additional costs apply), or remotely via Internet. The assessment will take approximately 35 minutes to an hour. During this time you will be answering questions about yourself,  your current symptoms, and your goals for treatment. Dr. Colson will then make a recommendation as to the number of weeks of BRE she recommends for your specific case. BRE is designed to be a stand-alone therapy, but also to work with existing therapies. You do not have to be in counseling with Dr. Colson in order to participate. If you are in counseling with someone else, you will be provided with a letter to give to your counselor/doctor describing BRE and your participation in the process. You will not be recruited from your counselor to Dr. Colson or to anyone else at ELCCC. Bring with you to the assessment a laptop, iPad, or cell phone along with some earbuds or earphones.
2. When the evaluation is complete, the program is customized for your needs, and Dr. Colson will teach you how to use the technology and you will listen to your first protocol in the office in a comfortable and private area.
3. After leaving the office, you will listen to the sound packets at least every other day for one week. At some time during the week, you will receive a phone call from Dr. Colson’s assistant to check on your progress and to answer any questions you have about the cloud-based program and to address any problems you might be having with your personalized program.
4. You will return to the office in approximately 7 days to have a reevaluation, and to have your personalized packets adjusted as necessary.
5. You will repeat this process until you have completed the number of weeks you have registered for. A final evaluation will be held to determine if you could benefit from additional weeks.

Learn more by visiting www.BrainTekInstitute.com.  

Life is too short to suffer. BRE can help you as its  helped thousands of others. Take the first step to regaining control of your brain.  Call ELCCC at 678-289-6981 today!