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Choosing a Counselor

Counselors are people, too.

They aren’t magicians, and they aren’t God.

Choosing a counselor is like choosing an advisor. You want to choose someone who has expertise in the areas you are concerned about, and more expertise than you have. You want to find someone you can get along with, trust, and feel comfortable talking to.

Counselors are people, too. They aren’t magicians, and they aren’t God. They can’t read your mind or “fix” your life.

What they can do is listen to you, while showing concern, compassion, and confidentiality. A counselor can guide you in the right directions and encourage you in your pursuit of God and healing for your emotional and psychological pain. A counselor can walk you through troubles in a relationship and challenge you to grow beyond where you are now.

When choosing a counselor, choose someone you feel can relate to you. When you first talk on the telephone, ask some initial questions about their personal values and beliefs. Similar values and beliefs are important in a counseling relationship.

Be honest with your counselor and the receptionist about what you are looking for in a counselor. Unlike a doctor, who sees you and prescribes medication in 10-15 minutes, you will be spending 45-50 minutes each session with your counselor. You want to be able to form an attachment to this person, so if the first person you see doesn’t seem right, ask to see someone else! It’s okay to keep trying.

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