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Strategic Trauma & Abuse Recovery©: A Source-Focused Model for Healing

Phase 1 Class- Would you like to host a Phase 1 Class in your church or community center? Contact Denice Colson @ DrColson@EaglesLandingChristianCounseling.com.

Phase 2 Group- This therapy group is for people who have completed Phase 1 individually or in class either in our center or a local church. Only 8 people are invited to attend each group and it is an ongoing group. You must contact Stacy Blalock to register at 678-289-6981. Cost is $40 for assessments, and $40 per group.

Phase 3 Group; Those ready for Phase 3 are invited to attend the Phase 1 group as assistants while completing the handouts for Phase 3. Phase 3 participants may also be eligible to participate in training to become Phase 1 class leaders in their own churches and communities. Contact Denice Colson @ DrColson@EaglesLandingChristianCounseling.com.

for details and registration.


Are you hurting and don’t know why? Have you suffered in your lifetime, maybe even as a child? Perhaps what you have experienced is psychological trauma. Dr. Denice Colson has developed an evidence-informed, structured process for conducting trauma recovery education and treatment. “Evidence-informed” means that it is built using techniques that have been shown to work to reduce the symptoms of trauma including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and relationship issues.In addition, the program is spiritually integrated based on Christian, Biblical principles and knowledge. It is designed to be meet people where they are, so like A.A. terms like “Higher Power” can be alternately inserted for people who may not yet be  able to acknowledge God. The key is to acknowledge that we cannot heal ourselves from trauma and must surrender to the healing process which is designed by God. Acknowledging powerlessness over the wound of trauma, the act of having been wounded, and the offender creating the wound can be intimidating, but so freeing! Turning to a “higher power” for safety and stability while the wound is healing is comforting, encouraging, and provides a sense of security necessary to address the wound.

The Backbone of S.T.A.R. © is The 3 Progressive Phases of Trauma and Abuse Recovery©. These 3 phases are further broken down into 12 stages, which provides for transitions and breaks down the process in a simpler fashion. The stages provide a strategy for moving through the healing process, much like a map.

The 3 Progressive Phases of Trauma and Abuse Recovery©

Phase One-Safety and Stabilization: Feeding my FAITH

1. I admit that I am wounded and I am accepting that I am powerless over the wound, the wounding, and the one creating the wound.

2. I have decided to give up trying to fix myself and will humbly ask God (my Higher Power) to heal me; fully understanding that healing will require my participation.

3. I am accepting that I have to grieve in order to heal and I’m determined to allow myself to feel as I move through the healing process even though it will be painful and scary at times.

4. I am forming a partnership with at least one other person (counselor or recovery coach) with whom I will move on to Phase Two in order to boldly identify (and finish grieving the sources of) my wounds in a focused and structured manner.

Phase Two-Grieving and Reprocessing: Snowballing my HOPE

1. I am courageously choosing to tell my story using structure and detail to my counselor/recovery coach, and, when possible my fellow burden bearers.

2. I am identifying the beliefs that have grown out of the hurtful events, along with my initial survival responses.

3. I am humbly identifying and admitting to myself, my partner or group, my own survival responses even when they contradict my own expectations of myself.

4. I am embracing and grieving all of the losses I experienced during this source of trauma; those the offender caused me, and those caused by my own survival responses.

5. After completing this thorough inventory of my experiences, contradicted expectations, losses, survival behaviors and the losses these caused me, I humbly and courageously choose forgiveness; forgiving my offender for robbing me and forgiving myself (as I have been forgiven) for my responses.

6. I understand that healing is an ongoing process from the inside-out, and I humbly acknowledge where I’ve come from and those who have contributed (including my Higher Power) to my healing and will make a spiritual or personal marker to represent where I have traveled on my path of healing with this source of trauma.

Phase Three Integrating and Reconnecting: Activating my LOVE

1. I am remaining open to identifying other wounds in my life that need to be healed, without attempting to heal them myself, while maintaining a willing attitude to work through these steps again if necessary, or to assist someone else who needs to work through these steps to healing.

2. I am intentionally moving toward reconnecting in a more healthy way with myself, with God, and with others.

Training for Treatment Providers

Training is provided for professional counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, addiction counselors, pastoral counselors, students working toward licensure or certification in the behavioral health field, and experienced lay-counselors working under supervision. At this time, certification is not offered, but the author intends to build toward providing a certification in the future. Current training will serve as the “level 1” requirement. Click here for training opportunities in your area.